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We live in a world where people are lovers of themselves and others want to do people pleasing instead of people loving.

If we truly love people we will tell them the TRUTH no compromise. We will tell them what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. Even in our churches today pastors are afraid to speak the whole Truth and preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ which include topics like sin, living holy lives and going to either heaven or hell. They don’t want to offend anyone and all they do is tickle people’s ears and make them feel good about themselves. Churches are focusing on people instead of focusing on Jesus.

That is why I felt compelled to write a short blog on people-lovers vs people-pleasers. Because as the church we are called to love people and please God.

People-lovers speak the truth in love even when it offends, people-pleasers compromise in order not to offend. People-lovers are able to confront, people-pleasers can only confirm. People-lovers are not controlled by other people, people-pleasers are. People-lovers fear God, people-pleasers fear other people.

We are called to love people and to love God…let us never forget that… So let us be people-lovers instead of people-pleasers. God bless.



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MIRACLES: Pastor Saeed is suffering in an Iranian prison, but he’s also leading inmates to Christ. Here’s the latest. (My conversation with his wife, Naghmeh Abedini)   Leave a comment

Please read and let’s keep on praying for the release of Pastor Saeed. God bless.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

PastorSaeed-2(Washington, D.C.) — “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.” Hebrews 13:3 (NKJV)

On Tuesday evening, I had the opportunity to talk by phone with Mrs. Naghmeh Abedini. She is the wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been in prison in Iran for converting to Christianity, preaching the Gospel, and helping the underground house church network inside Iran.

This Saturday will mark the third year since Pastor Saeed was arrested in Iran and sentenced to death. A prayer vigil for his protection and release will be held in churches all over the world this weekend. I ask you and your family and church to commit this weekend to praying for this dear brother in Christ and his precious family. I have been invited to speak that day at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. and will address…

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A big, untold story: Since last Yom Kippur, millions of Jews have begun searching for the Messiah, and for atonement for their sins. The media isn’t reporting this. But it’s worth examining.   Leave a comment

Please take time to read…

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Over the past year since the last Day of Atonement, millions of Jews around the world have begun a quest to find the Messiah. Over the past year since the last Day of Atonement, millions of Jews around the world have begun a quest to find the Messiah.

At sundown, we begin Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. This is the highest holy day on the Jewish calendar, and one of great Biblical and historic and cultural importance to my people.

I so wish I was home with Lynn and our sons in Israel tonight. Instead, I am in the U.S. speaking at a number of events, from Dallas to San Luis Obispo to Washington, D.C. to Toronto. I am speaking about the darkness that is falling in our world. But I am also explaining to people about a fascinating phenomenon that I’m observing.

Since last Yom Kippur, millions of Jews have begun a quest to find the Messiah. For reasons I cannot fully explain, Jews are suddenly searching for answers to the deepest and most important questions concerning…

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Why I write novels about “worst case scenarios.” (My interview with a South African newspaper on “The Third Target”)   Leave a comment

Brilliant author!

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Screen shot of an August 12th profile in a South African newspaper. Screen shot of an August 12th profile in a South African newspaper.

>> Why is the Iran nuclear deal so dangerous? Here’s my detailed analysis of the 159-page agreement.


The following article was published on by a South African newspaper, The Citizen, based on an interview I did last month.

Thought you might be interested in what interests reporters and readers in other countries.


By Genevieve Vietra, The Citizen, August 12, 2015

Joel C Rosenberg’s popularity is a result of two equally compelling elements. Firstly, he’s a talented fiction writer, brilliant at narrating thrilling political debacles that will make you squirm. But even more exhilarating is his ability to predict future events before they happen.

No, he does not claim to be psychic or have any supernatural ability, but rather, as a former communications adviser, Rosenberg has worked with a…

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What would Jesus do? (WWJD)   Leave a comment

Rose - Jesus

What is happening to our country and our world?

Condoms are being distributed in schools, an SRC president is suspended for voicing her Christian beliefs on her personal Facebook page and teen sex is declared legal.
Abnormal has become normal, immorality is expressing your true self and the message of freedom has been totally distorted.
As Christians we are just carrying on with church on Sundays, meeting with our small groups once a week, bible studies and living in our Christian bubbles. I believe that we cannot sit idly by and and live complacent, selfish lives, we have to take a stand and stop this moral decay. Secular humanism is taking over the world and the Bible is compared to hate speech, we have to do something. In this age of social media and the internet we have absolutely no excuse, we have to spread the Good News of Jesus and save souls. We have to stand with Christian organisations and make our voices heard. Let’s sign online petitions, write letters to government, vote for Christian leaders, march to parliament and most of all pray, pray and pray! We have to fight this!


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Being Salt and Light   Leave a comment

I am currently reading a book called, “No longer a slumdog” by KP Yohannan. This book has caused me to weep and sob… The things going on in this world makes my heart bleed…I am reading about children being sold by their families into slavery, abuse, human trafficking and being forced to beg on the street. People born into poverty with no way out, people being categorized and classed as being less human than others. It is breaking my heart and causing me to cry out, “WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!”
I don’t know about you but I cannot sit by idly in my own little bubble and pretend I don’t know what’s going on the world. I cannot just carry on taking care of my family, going to my comfortable 9 to 5 office job, driving my air-conditioned car and not care about the children the same age as my own begging and sleeping on the streets of India. There are two quotes that have been resonating in my heart for months:
• “We can’t do everything but we can all do something.”
• “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.”
If we proclaim to love Jesus and to love our neighbours as ourselves we can’t just go on with our comfortable little lives and not take care of the widows, the poor and the needy. It is our duty to help those in need. We are the salt and light of the earth, we are God’s hands and feet. We have to be the change that this cold, dark world so desperately needs.
I donated and raised funds for the following organisations in the past, they need your help:
God bless,

No longer proud…   Leave a comment

As I sat on my couch tonight and watched the evening news my heart broke into a million pieces…what is happening to our beautiful nation? I watched the news about the kidnapping, robbing and murder of a beautiful 28 year old teacher in Uitenhage…someone’s wife, daughter and sister. Yesterday I read the tragic news about a 33 year old mom of two who was gunned down in front of her children’s school…hijacking… This is not the country that Nelson Mandela and so many others struggled and fought for.
Hijackings, robberies, rapes, murders and xenophobic attacks have become a way of life for the people of South Africa. Not to mention loadshedding, corruption in government, schools closing down, unemployment and rising electricity, food and petrol prices.
My heart breaks for this nation…but I am not without hope. As a country we have to stand up and fight crime, we have to pray and pray and pray…pray for our future, pray for our children and pray for our nation so that one day we can all be proudly South African again…

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